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Deanna Cummings

Creative Development: Deanna Cummings

A major innovator in Minnesota’s creative economy, 2007 Bush Fellow DeAnna Cummings has spent nearly 20 years building Juxtaposition Arts and the North Minneapolis community that surrounds it.

Illustrations by Shannon Brady

Great Green Ideas

Growing a more sustainable food culture has deep roots among a generation of Bush Fellows and nonprofit partners.


The Bush Prize: Winning Solutions

From ending hunger across North Dakota to improving mental health care in the Black Hills of South Dakota, smart community engagement is the common denominator shared by the nine inaugural recipients of the Bush Prize for Community Innovation.

Oglala Sioux land

Native Nation-Building Spans Strategies & Generations

The Bush Foundation’s work to support the self-determination of 23 Native nations builds on relationships formed across decades of support.

Justin Beaulieu

A Nation Building Era

Net fishing

Honoring Success in Tribal Governance


In Progress: The One That Got Away

Have you ever committed a crime you DIDN'T have to pay for?

by  Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

2014 Learning Log

Full-Year Residency Program Graduates from Pilot to Statewide Effort.


Think Bigger. Think Differently: Hugh Weber

Hugh Weber shares the place he goes to for “creative collisions."


Connect: 2014

Here’s a little of what’s been going on at the Bush Foundation.

Michael Solberg

Who is Michael Solberg?

Five quick facts about Foundation board member Michael Solberg.